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At the Lisa Kampner Hebrew Academy, our students have the privilege of growing up with friends from different national, ethnic and economic backgrounds. They learn well the meaning of cultural diversity while absorbing Jewish ethics and morals that will hold them in good stead for their entire lives. The importance of open, honest and effective communication is stressed.

Our campus is a place for a learning partnership with the strong and simple family values of love and respect for one another. In a world of increasing turbulence, the Hebrew Academy is a safe place. Every student is valued for his or her own potential. We provide a morally structured but accepting environment. Our success rate is high: our students enter universities, Yeshivas and careers of their choice.

We look for and attract students who will be happy in a small school, who value and respect the intellectual and spiritual life we offer. We want students who want to be active in and contribute to a learning community which has high intellectual and moral standards. We value a positive attitude towards learning, personal creativity, kindness and moral strength. We value students who want to contribute to their families, their community and the Jewish people.

Please take a moment to browse this site and see what the Hebrew Academy has to offer its students.

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