Lisa Kampner Hebrew Academy



The Lower School, grades two through six, offers excellent secular and Judaic studies programs which meet individual needs by varying teaching techniques. Students in some subjects are grouped; in others, the programs are individualized, addressing the need to reach individual students who differ in their abilities. This also allows each student to proceed at his or her own pace.

The Middle School, grades seven and eight, is a natural continuation of the lower school. Middle school classes are departmentalized and intensified in both Judaic and secular subject areas. Students are offered an excellent and challenging curriculum which provides the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful high school experience

The High School, grades nine through twelve, offers one of the best college preparatory curricula in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our students are required to take four years each of English, history, math and science within our secular studies department and four years each of Hebrew language, Jewish history and religion (laws, customs, and traditions) within our Judaic studies department.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results:

We ...
. . . are compassionate, respectful, and honest people.  We strive to become better people, and help others.

. . . are connected to the Jewish nation, aware of its history, and a part of its culture. We contribute to the well-being of our global community and the world as a whole.

3 . . . are critical thinkers who are conscious of our own actions. We are able to use reasoning to identify biases, inconsistencies, and falsehoods while remaining open to the possibility of new information or truths that are backed by evidence.

. . . are effective communicators capable of using language to articulate both feelings and ideas clearly, able to receive information and construe meaning, and skilled at exchanging information interpersonally.

. . . take responsibility for our learning.  We strive to fully acquire an excellent academic, Judaic, and physical education. We have an inner appreciation and sense of excitement about acquiring knowledge and skills, and the opportunities these knowledge and skills open to us, now, and for our futures.

The responsibility of accomplishing the school-wide standards is divided between the Judaic and secular staff, as follows.

Standards for Secular Course Expectations

  1.  All courses encourage and provide opportunities for demonstrating critical thought.

  2.  All courses encourage and provide opportunities for demonstrating effective written and verbal communication.

  3.  All classes provide for study opportunities beyond lecture, reading text, and taking tests. These opportunities may take forms including, but not limited to, debates, laboratories/tactile manipulations, group projects, field trips, creative presentations, and educational games.

  4.  All courses follow the California State Standards. Math and English follow the Common Core.

Standards for Judaic Course Expectations

  1.  All classes are designed with a mind toward cultivating compassionate, respectful, and honest people.

  2.  All classes are designed to encourage students to contribute to the well-being of their global community, and the world as a whole.

  3.  All classes are designed to help students discover their connection to the Jewish nation. This may take forms including but not limited to: instruction in Jewish history, prayer, Hebrew language, Jewish culture and thought, activities concerning the celebration of Jewish holidays, and involvement in Jewish cultural events.
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