Lisa Kampner Hebrew Academy


Lower School

Our lower school students receive a secular traditional education which forms the foundation for success in the upper grades. Our comprehensive curriculum encourages excitement in learning. We have a challenging program integrating art, social studies, science projects and research work. Hebrew language and Judaic studies give our students a solid background in and a positive feeling for their heritage.

Although we stress a traditional approach to learning, we are always seeking, and open to, new and valuable techniques.

From the first grade, our after school youth group provides a love of Judaism and Israel through social activities. Grades one through eight have weekly activities led by our own faculty. There are weekend retreats for healthy fun in a safe social setting.

Secular Curriculum

The lower school curriculum is accelerated by one year in mathematics, spelling, and language. Science and social studies are taught at grade level, but are adjusted to meet individual needs through projects, experiments,and research.

In grades one through three reading is taught by ability grouping, supplemented by independent reading programs and literature-based reading experiences. The reading program in grades four through six includes a basic text supplemented by independent reading, literature-based experiences, and grouping where necessary.

Mathematics is accelerated one year, i.e. third graders use a fourth grade math book. The program is individualized to allow for individual differences in skill levels and pace wherever possible

All subject areas are integrated when feasible. Art and music are taught by the classroom teachers and often are an integral part of other subject areas.

Secular Curriculum: Grades One through Six

Social Studies
Physical Education

The specific curriculum at each grade level is available for review.

Judaic Curriculum

Tefilah (Prayer)
Laws and Customs

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