Lisa Kampner Hebrew Academy


Message From The Dean

Rabi Pinchas Lipner

The Hebrew Academy is a remarkable school with exceptional students. It has been my greatest pleasure and privilege to have known and participated in the academic and Torah education of the thousands of students who have passed through this school since 1969 on their way to adulthood.

We are a school with high standards, and we look for students with the ability to reach their personal and academic goals. The relationships between faculty and students are unique in their depth, friendship and mutual respect.

The Hebrew Academy is a school where academic, creative and personal potential are fulfilled and lifetime relationships are forged. Each student is part of a close knit and outstanding whole whose well being is the focus of our highly trained and caring faculty.

Our students are gems, and I am happy to say that I am now friends with many of the extraordinary adults who were not so very long ago my young students. We have all learned from each other. I hope this will always be so. Thank you for visiting our website. I invite you to pay a visit to the school itself to see if our beautiful and welcoming campus is the right setting for you. You might want to stop by just for the joy of meeting our students, faculty and staff.

Please take a moment to browse this site and see what the Hebrew Academy has to offer its students.

Rabbi Pinchas Lipner,

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