Lisa Kampner Hebrew Academy


Middle School

The middle school years serve as a transition from the elementary school, where the students have one secular teacher, to the high school, where students may have up to five separate secular teachers. Whereas the lower school emphasizes skills, the middle school begins to demand a more thorough understanding of concepts and specific subject material. Throughout this transition, Jewish culture and heritage are still made prominent.

At the middle school level, secular classes are departmentalized so that secondary teachers teach in their specific specialized subject areas. All students take a skills class to be sure that they are equipped with all the basic English and Social Studies skills necessary for success in high school.

Secular Curriculum

7th grade:
Life Science
Survey of Ancient European, Eastern and African History
English Literature and Composition
Study Skills
Physical Education

8th grade:
Algebra I
Earth Science
American History
English Literature and Composition
Physical Education

Judaic Curriculum

7th/8th grades:
Tefilah (Prayer)
Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Hebrew Language
Torah (Leviticus)
Laws and Customs

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